“Numbers R Simple…People are Complicated is just what it says—straight to the point with no chaser. After ten or more years of studying myself and others through numbers, it has dawned on me that numbers or numerology is not the blame but it is the choices we make when we don’t learn how to chart ourselves.

To gain a true meaning and understanding of what it is to know one’s self we have to learn how to use these ancient sciences that have been hidden and forbidden from us for so many thousands of years due to dogmatic religions or just those who wanted to keep us under their control. Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology and other ancient knowledge and wisdom have been demonized, called occultism, and other crazy labels to mislead the masses from using these ancient ways to obtain a true knowledge of self. 

Our ancestors knew this would be the case that is why they passed it down through various methods like word of mouth, writing it in stone, burying it or ingrained in our blood-line (called DNA). Whatever the case may be other recordings of “OUR” Story have been made into a “MYSTERY” when it is really… “MY-STORY” or OUR STORY.” King Simon